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Sep 30, 2012 10:30am PDT
follow-up with the cheesecake factory. >> before we get to ms. hail, let me call additional speakers, jim lazarus, kim jacobs and gordon mar, ms. hail? >> i'm vera hail and today i'm here just as a restaurant goer and i'm one that objects to the as -- surcharge and glad to see that was part of the recommendations, when i buy something at macy's or amazon, i do not have to pay for their employee's health care. whenever i eat out, i only eat at mid priced or lower restaurants, so not everywhere do i eat is covered by this, but i've noticed that the places that i do are adamant about it and i talked to the server to find out what the problems are and most of them do not have it and don't know when it starts when i talked to them. there was only one place that offered to remove my surcharge and when i complained about it and wherever i go, if it's on the bill, i complain, but nowhere else except this one place has offered to remove the fee. i think that all of these restaurants are doing okay by the number of people i see on them, they're not on the verge of closing, and i don't think that h
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
to introduce them. there's luna, and becky, and their father, carlos. and this is jim, who will be handling the security at the restaurant. the family has ownedthis restaurant since 1951. it was the grandparents of these people here, also the grandmother's name is esperanza. they established the restaurant and the family are all from the mission, born in the mission, lived in the mission, and now own property in the mission, as well as the restaurant. the restaurant is 99-seat restaurant. it's had a complete renovation. it's gorgeous right now. and the hours of operation are from 10:00 until 1:00 per alcohol service and 10:00 until 2:00 for food service. as ms. ben fix mentioned, there was a problem with the neighbor, we had consistent dialogue for at least two weeks, and all those issues have been resolved. part of that was establishing a professional security plan with jim individualo vidos of greatey protective services. the police department is pleased to see that this property will be used again as a commercial space because it enlivens the corner and eliminates some of the vagrants th
Sep 30, 2012 7:30am PDT
support. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am jim lavick and a small flooring contractor. we do 90% of the business for small and medium size builders. when this legislation was passed back in 2006 probably 35 to 40% of our business was under ten unit buildings and along with what is going on in the economy since then -- i mean you can imagine what it's like to do business in the city but elsewhere and 90% of our business is done in the city. supervisor kim said that legislation like this passes and it helps the small business in the city. we used to employ 48 people, 49 people back in 2004. we're now 12 so whatever you people can do to try to boost our business it would be graciously appreciated. thank you very much for your support. >> good afternoon chairman mar, supervisors, and steven mc clory. i am here today to congratulate everyone on getting behind the new rules for the five to nine unit projects. i spoke with a few people today that work on our jobs and asked them when is the last time they were on one of those projects? and literally no one could remember being on
Sep 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
and i truly believe that's why you guys are behind it. thank you. >> hi. my name is jim foley. ñ i work for don kitchen and bath and sell supplies and decorative plumbing and these are some of my clients here so when they build they don't just benefit but the supply house benefits, the manufacturer benefits, xqt sales people benefit, the truck drivers benefit and they really do spread it around and i have been in business for 15 years. we are a smallish company so our target market we're in this five to nine market range. it was a good day when i sold a project with seven, zÑeight, nine units on it and now they have gone away and most of my product goes to remodels or single homes and made it tough and i want to thank you for this contribution and when these men build they're spreading the wealth around to san francisco. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am david sternberg and we have been doing work in san francisco really since 1980 and we do a lot of these size projects and i will state for the record in the last -- since this thing passed in 2006 we had two six unit projects
Sep 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
compromise and i thank the advocates for meeting us halfway and thank you for that and jim and others who have been a part of the conversation for decades. >> well thank you. thank you colleagues. thank you commissioners and of course thank you to also to the clerk's office who has always done a great job of supporting and staffing lafco, so with they will turn it over to ms. miller and one of the big questions that i had in terms of moving this forward is how do we make sure that this synergy between lafco and the san francisco public utilities commission continues to make sure that we hit the ground running as we're moving to the next stage of the process, and one of the ideas i had and was the idea of making sure that we have a follow up joint meeting of the two bodies, so that we can have an in-depth discussion about next steps and making sure that we're crossing all the t's and doting the i's. >> and i want to say on behalf of staff it's an incredible vote last week. i know you have been following the press. it's nationwide press on the program and we are going to be honoring mi
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)